PACKED vzw and Digital Heritage Netherlands Foundation (DEN), provide access to the website (hereafter called: Scoremodel) and to all texts, images and other materials which were drafted by PACKED vzw and DEN and are published on this website.

The Scoremodel and its liability

The Scoremodel has been developed with the utmost care and is based on expertise in the domain of digital preservation and management. As the layout of a digital repository is dependent on the institutional context, the use of the Scoremodel cannot offer a total guarantee for the trustworthiness of a system. For this reason neither the authors of the Scoremodel, or the organisations which they represent, can be held responsible for eventual damage and/or partial or entire loss of data in a repository for which this Scoremodel has been used as an auditing tool.

For a comprehensive audit of a digital repository PACKED vzw and DEN refer to the Audit and certification of trustworthy digital repositories: recommended practice ccsds 652.0-m-1 (ISO 16363).


PACKED vzw and DEN have the right to change or delete the information in Scoremodel at any given moment. However, it should be made clear that every major change in the Scoremodel will result in a new numbered version of the model. Older versions will be archived.

Operation of the Scoremodel

PACKED vzw and DEN will do their utmost to offer an uninterrupted service of the Scoremodel and with all reasonable means to protect the data enclosed. Furthermore, PACKED vzw and DEN will do all that is reasonable to prevent inconvenience caused by technical problems. PACKED vzw and DEN cannot, however, totally exclude the possibility of unwanted technical intervention and the malignant spread of viruses via the Scoremodel. For this reason PACKED vzw and DEN cannot guarantee uninterrupted access to the Scoremodel or the absence of any other form of hindrance the user might encounter.

For reasons stated above PACKED vzw and DEN cannot be held responsible for mistakes, functional interruptions, incidents or problems caused by any form of access or use of the model, nor for any possible damage which may result from using the Scoremodel.

Moreover PACKED vzw and DEN reserve the right to block access to the Scoremodel at any given moment and without prior caution for the following reasons (without being limited to these): detecting or repressing any form of misuse of fraudulent behaviour, remedying technical or functional problems, in the case of a court warrant due to a supposed breach of intellectual third party rights and in the case of an end of activities by PACKED vzw and/or DEN. In no case can PACKED vzw and/or DEN be held responsible for any disadvantage one might suffer from these kinds of interruptions.

Third party websites

PACKED vzw and DEN are not responsible for the content of websites to which hyperlinks are made from the Scoremodel.

Personal data

PACKED vzw and DEN guarantee that personal or organisational data – that is all data that can be traced to your person or organisation – is treated with the utmost confidentiality and will not be given or sold to third parties. Moreover, it is possible to use the Scoremodel in an anonymous fashion.

The Scoremodel uses cookies, but these contain only session data, not personal data.


The content of the Scoremodel is made available under the Creative Commons Naamsvermelding-GelijkDelen 4.0 Internationaal-licentie

This disclaimer
PACKED vzw and DEN have the right to adapt this disclaimer at any given time.

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