Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about the Score model. Any more questions? Just ask.
Who can use this tool?
In short: anyone. The tool is intended especially for smal and medium heritage organizations, but anyone who is managing a digital collection and has a concern about its sustainability, can use the Score model.
Under which conditions can I use the tool?
There aren't any limits to the use of the tool, unless you're a spambot. You can use the tool as a registered user or anonymously, and as often as you wish.
How are scores calculated?
Scores are calculated per cluster. The score for each criterium depends on the risk level: the higher the risk level, the higher the weight in the score within the cluster. Moreover, scores for criteria with a risk level 'medium' or 'low' are only taken into account when all 'high risk' criteria whitin the cluster are fulfilled.

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